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Digitalisation has successfully rewritten how we conduct business. But our business operations are no longer the focus of our attention: how we communicate and manage our customers and clients is overdue a technological rethink. And it takes the shape of Customer Relationship Management software.

CRMs provide a central hub for essential data regarding your customers. It allows your business to streamline the productivity of your organisation by optimising sales cycles and marketing strategies by providing new insights into customer-related data and analytics.

Your business needs custom CRM development in order to meet the changing needs of your customers. And that’s where we come in. We can provide bespoke custom CRM development services including the implementation, migration, and support regarding the technology.


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With a team of senior software developers on hand, producing bespoke solutions that are tailored to your CRM needs both now and in the future has never been easier.


Our senior developers aren’t just versed in creating high-quality CRM solutions. With a wide range of programming languages under our belt, we can ensure that we create a custom-fit solution.


We don’t just create software that is tailored to your business. We pride ourselves on providing continuous maintenance and support for your business technology to eliminate errors and ensure it evolves with your business.

The benefits of Customer Relationship Management software

Knowledge is power - and our custom CRM development services allow your team to leverage this power in an effective manner. By allowing customer information to be recorded with every interaction, you can streamline your customer service.

Simplify business processes with a digital solution that brings each employee into contact with a hub of customer data. If a client has to work with a new employee, CRMs cut out the confusion of communication.

Data analytics are the future of customer service, providing in-depth insights into your customers’ exact wants now - and as they change in the future. A hub of centralised customer information fast tracks the entire process.

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Hire the right team for your CRM development

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on automating fundamental business processes. Custom CRM development is another outlet for this, and allows us to automate essential functions, such as filling out forms and sending reports.

CRMs cut out miscalculated data and speed up the data analysis process by integrating with a range of tools and plugins. This cuts out wasted time and elevates customer satisfaction further.

Slash costs and speed up operations with custom CRMs that curate improved efficiency. We provide a range of features that allow customer data to be viewed in one place, supporting your collaborative efforts.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands


We bring together our website development capabilities and our CRM development skillset to allow the two solutions to function together seamlessly. Advance customer data into your CRM straight from your website.

Migration To Custom CRM

Swap your current CRM for our custom CRM development services with our seamless data migration. We take charge of the move and allow your team to benefit from the CRM without dealing with the complicated process.

Extension Development

Extend the functionality of your custom CRM via APIs. We can design, develop, and implement custom APIs that can effortlessly integrate with your CRM to flesh out your customer data capabilities.

CRM App Development

Bring the benefits of a CRM to your entire team via custom CRM apps. We provide bespoke app development to ensure excellent customer service is only a few taps away.

CRM Maintenance

Our senior developers monitor and manage your custom CRM 24/7 to ensure it meets your standards both now and in the future, and correct errors and issues as they arise.

CRM software is suitable for many business processes

It’s a fundamental principle of running a profitable business: “the customer is always right.” What your customer think in regards to your products, services, and operations is vital to securing a sale.

But knowing what they think is no easy feat. CRMs, however, can provide detailed insights into their exact wants and needs now and when they inevitably change in the future. Custom CRM development can thus prove vital for a huge array of business processes that revolve around the customer.

They provide a central hub where businesses store customer and prospect data, report on and track customer interactions, and share relevant information with the right colleagues. It monitors the entire customer journey, from the contact form to the signature on the dotted line.

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CRM development is the internet's backbone

Customer Relationship Management software has fast become a business necessity among firms in a wide range of sectors. They are a popular solution to an essential component of running a business - so popular, in fact, CRM software is now the biggest software market in the world.

By providing instant access to customer data, demand for CRM apps, for example, has skyrocketed. This is down to the change in customer trends: personalisation is the future.

From marketing campaigns to the final product, companies seek solutions that connect their technology to convey an engaging and customer-centric experience across the board.

A modern, lightweight programming solution

Disruption has threatened each and every sector currently operating. To survive competition lead by disruptive forces in your industry, your business needs to tap into modern business solutions. And CRMs are just one example of this.

Today’s modern business solutions revolved around traits derived from customer relationship management solutions. This includes personalised marketing and customer service, data-driven insights into business processes, and instant access to customer data.

CRMs are a modern solution for a timeless problem: how to navigate the customer’s best interests. And we can tailor a CRM to your business and your customers’ specific needs.

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+ What does a CRM system do?

A customer relationship management system helps manage customer data. It provides support for sales management, integrates with social media, and improves team communication regarding sales and marketing.

+ Who needs CRM?

All organisations that pride themselves on customer service should have a CRM, but if your team is unable to keep up with leads or customer data is hard to locate and analysis, this specifically is the solution to your sales and marketing strategy.

+ Is CRM software?

Customer relationship management software is a category of software. It encompasses a wide range of applications that help businesses manage businesses processes related to sales and marketing.

+ What is a CRM model?

A CRM model is a framework for how your company manages customer relationships throughout the entire customer journey. It is different to a CRM tool which is software that manages customer data.