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Digitalisation now demands custom technology solutions for your business. But having a pristine development team in-house which can provide for all your technical needs can be costly. Dedicated developers, on the other hand, can provide your business with a range of niche and necessary programming capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

This is where we come in.

With senior developers on hand, your business can outsource your technology needs - whether you require programming or technical support - to a team of software developers dedicated to your exact needs on a short-term basis. You provide us with your business needs, and we can provide the solutions.

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print("At Lolly Co we only employ the most senior Python developers and the brightest consultants.
This means that the result we achieve for each client is second to none. From the Python standard library to the Visual Code studio, if you're looking for experts in Python development then you've come to the right place.")


With a team of senior developers on hand that are versed in a number of programming and technology solutions, you can be sure to take on a highly qualified team.


We only hire from the top tier of senior developers; as a remote company, we can hire the best developers from across the globe to ensure your dedicated team can provide the best solutions.


Your dedicated team won’t just provide streamlined services and solutions to your business. We pride ourselves on our testing and maintenance facilities to ensure your solution stays up-to-scratch.

The benefits of coding with a dedicated development team

As a short-term partnership, dedicated developers can provide the technology and programming services - but only for a certain time period. This is a cheaper alternative to in-house, permanent employees.

Securing business success is one feat - scaling it following this success is another challenge to take stock of. Instead of committing to costly, long-term employees, opt for short-team outsourcing to grow your business.

Senior developers rarely are versed in all programming languages - they typically find and stick to a niche, and then explore it in depth. By outsourcing to developers, you can find the right kind of developers specific to your needs.

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Hire the right team for your software development

As a team of experienced senior developers with a plethora of experience in a wide range of development solutions including Agile methodologies, you will be working with highly-efficient, highly-adaptable team.

We also provide project managers with our dedicated development teams to ensure we can direct, manage, and maintain our high-quality services throughout the partnership.

Here at Lolly Co, we can also provide outsourcing technology solutions in the long-term and can take on a whole range of your custom software projects.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

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Mobile App Development

Our senior developers channel their programming expertise into writing firmware which runs on hardware without underlying abstractions, like operating systems. We can support even the most complicated hardware builds.

Custom Software Development

We create custom software that adapts to your operations and evolves with your employees. Streamline processes via solutions that are specific to your business.

Web Application Development

Extend your business’ capabilities through web framework solutions that fit your business’ needs. We create tailored CMS, web applications, eCommerce portals, and SaaS.

UX/UI Design & Development

We develop pristine UX/UI design for your custom software and websites. Appeal to your customers and drive higher conversions with our dedicated front end developers.

Platform Modernisation

We convert, rewrite, and port your legacy system to a modern alternative for the ultimate operational upgrade. Our developers provide seamless system integration.

QA Testing & Maintenance

Secure quality in your custom software via our dedicated QA engineers. We rigorously test and trial your technology to ensure it meets your standards and streamlines your operations.

A dedicated development team can complete many tasks

As digitalisation completes its progress through the business world, finding custom software solutions for your business becomes more vital to your company’s survival. To overcome technology-led disruption, your team needs to unlock the potential of custom software and other digital solutions. That’s where our team of dedicated developers comes in.

Dedicated developers - although a short term solution - can provide a vast array of solutions specific to your business requirements. By covering all of the development bases, your business can be sure to compete with the disruptive forces at work in your sector.

We have developers in all mainstream and niche programming languages with a vast range of experience from custom software development, to building applications for mobile devices.

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Dedicated development teams have built the internet's backbone

In this digital day-and-age, sourcing a custom software solution is now a necessity for your business. As every process outlined by your competitors is directed by digital solutions, your team needs to do the same. But adapting to the latest technology trends is no easy feat. You need a team of senior developers on hand to compete with the innovation marked out by your competitors.

Our senior developers and project managers can outline the technology your company needs to consider in alignment with your own ambitions, and provide solutions that guarantee relevancy in your industry.

And by outsourcing to specific development niches, you can be sure to receive high-quality services that parallel popular solutions.

A modern, lightweight programming solution

Our senior developers and expert project managers don’t just provide modern development solutions. Our development practices echo our technology solutions, too. From how we work to where we work, the Lolly Co team has your modernisation covered.

Firstly, as a remote company we can provide a highly flexible remote team of IT and development experts. Adaptability is the future of business, and we can do just that. From on-shore developers to remote-working solutions, we have the capabilities.

We also pride ourselves on our modular development; by separating our process into modules, we can get your feedback on each stage of the project and deploy the solution faster.

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+ What is a dedicated team?

It is a business model from which a service provider provides professionals to the client for a certain period of time. It is often associated with app or web development, but can be applied to a number of different development solutions.

+ What is dedicated software?

Dedicated software or solutions is the creation of applications, software, and tools that are specifically designed and deployed for one company or one function. We pride ourselves on tailoring technology to your specific needs.

+ What is a dedicated project team structure??

It is the structure or composition of the developers in the dedicated team. By considering the project managers and skillsets of the individual developers in the team, a structure that creates the most efficient operations can be constructed.