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A new era of working has begun. As the Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally alters the world as we know it, the 9-to-5 is due a rethink, too. And this rethink demands solutions that align connectivity, remote working solutions, and cloud computing with your entire team. Your business needs a set of solutions that keep the cogs in the mobility lifecycle well oiled, allowing your team to work in separate corners of the globe without communication nor connectivity problems.

That’s where enterprise mobility comes in. Enterprise mobility is the ever-growing trend of businesses to provide remote and flexible working solutions.

Enterprise mobility management extends to a wide array of services that reinforce interactive working solutions that defy geographical distance and go beyond disruption. This includes wireless networking solutions, enterprise-level cybersecurity, the provision of mobile devices for remote and flexible working, and secure cloud computing.

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We only hire from the top tier of senior developers and technology experts to ensure your digital solution complements your needs and then goes beyond the disruptive forces in your sector.

Move Beyond Mobility

Our technology consultants and developers aren’t just versed in a vast array of tools and technologies - they also have specific niches to ensure they can pick and choose the right solution.


We don’t just provide your digital solutions. We make sure that your new technology fits your business’ ambitions and requirements both now and in the future via our testing and maintenance services.

The benefits of enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility solutions centre around scalability; caching, advanced offload, and site failover capabilities allow your team to avoid expensive web infrastructures and scale up over time.

The right enterprise mobility solution provides inclusive cybersecurity for each new device added to the workspace. Exclusive monitoring capabilities only further the capacity for a secure solution.

Flexible working has already been proven to elevate efficiency - and enterprise mobility provides support for the new 9-to-5. With mobile device management empowered by connectivity, efficiency has been rewritten.

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Hire the right team for your enterprise mobility

By providing seamless connectivity, we can ensure your customers can contact and be guided through to the final sale via your team. Flexible solutions enable asynchronous working and thus customer support.

With uninterrupted availability of your staff via solutions such as mobile application management, scoring a sale is now a streamlined process. Ditch the office and go online with apps and services that are rooted in improving your workflow.

Our monitoring services allow your team in-depth insight into your users, from how they connect to how they engage with your branding and your business.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Wireless Networking

We ensure your wireless access points can support growing online traffic, and assist with the configuration and management of the network to guarantee military-grade cybersecurity.

Endpoint Security

Reinforce your data protection with endpoint security that promotes access to resources and data for the right people via multi-factor authentication, hosted desktops, and malware protection.

Collaborative Solutions

We promote collaboration through our range employee owned devices that support communication with remote and in-house employees. Champion high-quality communication with Lolly Co.

Secure Connectivity

Our technology experts can drive secure connectivity in your business through options that enable your team access to your network, your data, and your applications from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise mobility solutions satisfy many operational tasks

Enterprise mobility solutions are founded on the core business principles of connectivity, cybersecurity, and efficiency. And as a modern solution for the modern ways of working, it is founded on a number of services to facilitate flexible working. From intensive cybersecurity to cloud computing that guarantees connectivity across your entire team, protecting data and encouraging interactivity is fundamental to the future.

But what really matters is the tasks it allows your team to compete.

Our enterprise mobility services connect your employees together, reinforcing their daily responsibilities with the necessary data protection and security policies, and elevating customer service standards. The services we provide will have already infiltrated your business and your operating systems - complete the solution.

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Enterprise mobility is your operational backbone

Remote working has rewritten history - and now it’s redefining how we do business. It’s for that reason that enterprise mobility services have become such a necessity. By facilitating flexible working solutions for your entire team, you can tap into the ever-more popular ways of working and showcase a forward-thinking potential that is yet to be unlocked by your competitors.

No matter the sector you operate in, nor the specific issue at hand, this is a solution that is now at the core of businesses operating. To survive disruption, you need to adapt to ways of working that empower efficiency and data analysis.

On-demand customer care and access to relevant resources define the new era of running a business, and we can streamline your business’ shift towards this.

A modern, lightweight programming language

Your competitors expect disruption to revolutionise how businesses operate - your customers expect you to retaliate without missing a beat. Satisfying the need to modernise your organisation’s operations is vital to showcasing your business’ commitment to digitalisation. But the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions go further than this.

By ensuring your team can provide constant communication and support for your customers, you can elevate customer engagement and reinforce a technology-driven culture that is a necessity in this digital day-and-age.

The principles laid out by enterprise mobility solutions revolve around modern technology; cloud computing, IoT technologies, and cybersecurity have already been adopted by your customers. Move beyond the competition, and re-orientate towards your customers.

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+ What is enterprise mobility?

Enterprise mobility is an approach to ways of working from which employees can do their work from anywhere using devices and applications. It is used to support remote and flexible working.

+ Why is enterprise mobility important?

Enterprise mobility is important because it gives employers and employees flexibility and choice when it comes to working. Not only can this increase productivity and improve work satisfaction, but it also is a necessity during the Covid-19 crisis.

+ What is mobility technology?

Mobility includes the technologies and services which allow people and goods to move around more easily.

+ What are enterprise mobility services?

Enterprise mobility services are solutions which support enterprise mobility. It typically includes cybersecurity, device connectivity measures, wireless network support, and collaborative technologies.