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Fantasy Sports App Development

The business world has already undergone the technological treatment - it’s your hobbies turn to go digital. Friendly competition has always defined the fantasy sports arena, but the fierce competition amongst businesses has made way for new development practices that have reshaped how we build apps.

The latest in fantasy sports is apps. Being able to follow the competition from just a few taps has reshaped rosters, trades, and agency. Applications for our devices have altered how we compete within sectors. And industry-specific disruption is no longer the only player on the field. Fantasy sports app development is your latest tactic.

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We only hire top-tier senior developers. We want to understand your project, your concepts, and the requirements of a fantasy sports app with high-quality development solutions in mind

Beyond App Development

Our senior developers aren’t just versed in app development; we consider other competitors in the market alongside our clients, whether we develop for iOS, Android, or go hybrid, for example.


We don’t just produce a streamlined app ready for kick-off. We constantly review and maintain our fantasy sports solutions so it stays up to speed with your competitors and any issues can be flagged and fixed immediately.

The benefits of coding your next project with Ember JS development

Fantasy sports exists purely for the experience. Technology might struggle to seem personal, but a fantasy sports app with the user in mind can be tailored towards your users’ every exact need.

By catering to the personal experience via carefully created user experience and the ease of using an app, you can enforce higher engagement levels and thus ensure that your score the goal of your application.

As a wide range of processes are now in the palms of the users, even the most basic trade can be streamlined. This boosts the overall user experience and makes for even better competition.

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Hire the right team for your fantasy sports app development

At the blow of the first whistle we begin our consulting process. We deep dive your ideas, your concepts, and analyse your potential users as a part of your mobile app development. We then sketch out each and every concern you may have as a mobile app development company, and construct a roadmap that covers all bases.

We consider a number of different facets to your app. This encompasses monetary transactions, winning history, auctions, the number of users, analysis of games, tournaments, and fantasy teams as well as the admin-based management of the app.

Fantasy sports app developers need to consider creating an engaging entertainment experience. That means your app needs to foster a certain level of user experience to capture the essence of fantasy sports as well as providing a wide array of capabilities.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

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Fantasy Cricket App

We cater to the cricket world with custom apps and white label software that allows an array of strategic moves to be made from a couple taps of a phone screen.

Fantasy Football App

We build apps that allow users to pick and choose from virtual teams of world-class soccer players across the planet that also cater to the ever-expanding number of potential users.

Fantasy Tennis App

Tap into the competitive world of fantasy tennis via a wide berth of app platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Fantasy Rugby App

Showcase a competitive and creative app that unlocks the ever-growing audience of international rugby via daily and seasonal logging opportunities.

Fantasy NBA App

We only create seamless apps that deliver the scalability expected of the ever-expanding basketball fanbase by delivering UX at-speed.

Fantasy Hockey App

We create high-performance fantasy hockey apps that provide sleek solutions for those seeking digital teams and exceptional user experience.

Fantasy sport apps include many development tasks

Fantasy sports apps might cater to a niche of sports fans - but the applications we can cultivate can cater to a vast array of capabilities not expected of such a hobby. In fact, fantasy sports apps are renowned for the development solutions they often encompass.

This includes data security for your users via high-end encryption and other data protection measures, blockchain for transactions, database creation and maintenance, and VR solutions for a realistic experience not expected of average software.

Fantasy sports apps are based on intricate development solutions for the management and control of activities during real-time gaming. The latest technologies are thus expected for the ultimate user experience. And we can provide them.

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Apps are now the internet's backbone

Fantasy sports leagues have dated back as far as the early 1960s - and it’s for this reason that applications that provide an environment for competitors now prove so popular. At the turn of the millennium fantasy sports went online, with dedicated website providing new levels of engagement via technology.

In fact, the industry itself is now worth $7.8bn in the US alone. And technology is only set to scale it up. That means more users, that means more industry competitors, and that means more transactions taking place.

With smartphones in back pockets across the globe, fantasy sports enthusiasts are within constant reach of their favourite hobby. This technology is forecasted a bright future.

A modern, lightweight programming solution

There are estimated to be 8.93 million mobile apps currently on the market. Applications, no matter the platform they are sold on, are the latest technology opportunity for businesses acrose the globe. And creating an app for just about any interest, pasttime, and process is the latest trend thanks to digitalisation.

Fantasy sports apps are just one of the examples of en-masse digitalisation. In fact, the apps require specific technologies that are demanded of the last technology trends. This includes user authentication, playing and payment history, transactional technology such as blockchain, VR and AR technolgoies, and cloud computing.

It’s a modern solution to a traditional pastime. And we can provide it.

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+ What is needed for Android app development?

Alongside specific mobile app and Android experience is the specific expertise of coding languages required. This includes the Java language as the most popular language for building an Android app.

+ What is the best language for Android development?

There is a wide range of different languages and tools that can be used to develop Android apps. This includes Java, SQL, an Android Software Development Kit, XML, Perseverance, and Thirst for Knowledge.

+ Which language is used in iOS development?

Swift is the most popular programming language used to develop iOS applications. It is used to build apps for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It was developed by Apple in 2014 for use specifically by Apple developers.

+ Is iOS development hard?

The programming language Swift was designed to simplify the process, but it still requires experienced developers to produce high-quality iOS applications. Drag-n-drop tools are available for novices, however.