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Running a business is no easy feat. And when it comes to constructing custom software to tackle certain problems or streamline certain processes, an expert-lead team of Golang developers is a must to put efficiency back into your 9-to-5. This is where Go (Golang) comes in.

Go is an open-source programming language that is known for building simple, reliable, and efficient software. And it’s gained this reputation based on the sheer volume of software that one can build - if one is an expert developer that is. And this is where we come in.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on developing custom software that is tailored to your business and it’s exact needs. The Golang programming language allows us to do just that, whether it’s creating a stunning website, producing an incredible app, tapping into IoT technologies, or producing blockchain solutions as an open source programming language.

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var turnaround_time string = "rapid"
var build_quality string = "top rated"
var project_cost string = "competitive"

fmt.Println("Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on only hiring the from the top 1% of consultants and developers. This guarantees that your custom software solution is not simpply high-quality, but will remain so in the future. If you're looking for experts in Golang web development then you've come to the right place.")



With a team of Golang development experts on hand, curating a solution customised to your business’ requirements can set you apart from the disruptive forces entering your industry.

Beyond Golang

We only hire the top tier of senior developers, and we make sure they are versed in the Go programming language in order to extend the functionality of your custom solution.


We don’t just provide a solution specific to your business and it’s capabilities. We provide constant code maintenance and repair to ensure the solution evolves with your business.

The benefits of coding your next project with Golang

Golang has earnt its devout following based on its simple syntax. It’s user-friendly code, meaning our team of developers can produce clean, simple solutions with a host of capabilities at record time.

Time is of the essence - and Golang development has stuck to this principle. It’s ten times faster than other scripting languages, and the compilation is near-instantaneous, allowing us to ship out your new software at lightning speed.

Access a whole new audience via the cross-platform solutions: GoLang has specifically been developed to be compatible with a number of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

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Hire the right team for your Golang development

We pride ourselves on producing custom software solutions that are tailored to your business - but providing them at pace ensures we can meet your needs as they evolve, and provide a true custom-fit.

Your business isn’t seeking to stagnate, is it? GoLang is a scalable solution that is known for its ability to build large-scale web applications via Golang web development and then continue to expand them with ease.

Not only can our eagle-eyed senior development detect issues in the code, Golang itself identifies errors in the code and the language is intended to help you avoid mistakes when writing it.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands


We create user-driven custom websites scaled and to your business’ ambitions and processes. We use the Go language in server-side applications, cloud architecture and web services, CMS and CRM.

Mobile App Development

We provide cross-platform and native Golang mobile app development that is tailored to your branding that are defined by their high-speed processes and their high-quality UX.

Custom Software

Our team of PHP experts are versed in providing back-end Golang development services for businesses like yours, curating a browser-based solution is no challenge.

Blockchain Solutions

We tap into the easy-to-maintain and lightning speed coding capabilities of the Google Go language to produce Blockchain solutions that defy the traditional complex coding practices associated with.

Internet of Things

In recent years, Golang has taken the fore of IoT development as it enables a range of devices to send and receive data via concurrency. Not only can we develop the software, we can build in a number of feaures to complement the complex tech.

AI Solutions

We create custom AI solutions that utilise Golang; via simply code eading and writing practices and machine learning libraries we can produce a ready-to use custom solution in record time.

Golang development is suitable for many development tasks

Golang has earnt its reputation among developers for a number of reasons, whether its the simplicity of its code and the ease of writing it, or the incredible pace of compiling a project.

Yet these clear benefits only facilitate an incredible feat which has put this programming language on the map: the sheer volume of projects that can be completed with it.

From front-end specific solutions that drive your traffic such as web design and mobile application development, to complex technologies rooted firmly in the future sure as Blockchain and the Internet of Things, this is a vast array of software that requires a minimal amount of development expertise.

That being said, by handing over your custom software development to our senior developers, we can unleash the full potential and functionality of the language, curating custom software you can’t find on the shelves.

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Golang development is the internet's backbone

Golang is the 15th most popular programming language on the planet as of 2019, and is only set to soar in the future as it extends its capabilities beyond app and web development into more complex technologies.

Considering its potential popularity in the future, tagging onto the value of this language is only set to give your business the advantage over your competitors as you unleash its fullest potential.

More so, the popularity it has garnered in the past 8 years confirms that your competitors are utilising and enjoying the benefits of Golang. The trajectory for this language is only set to soar. Can your business keep up?

A modern, lightweight programming language

In this digital age, it’s no longer enough to remain profitable - instead, your business needs to be relevant.

To ensure your business meets this standard, you need to infuse certain principles into your business that are dependent on the latest technologies and tools. Golang is just one way to bring these values on board.

Created by Google in 2012, Golang is utilised by a number of industry-leaders, including the creators of the language itself. Uber, Twitch, and Dropbox are just a couple of the iconic companies harnessing the power of Go to forward their business.

The future is now - where are you?

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+ What is Golang used for?

Also known as GoLang, it is used for programming across network servers and large-scale distributed systems. It can be used for a range of applications, including system and network programming, big data, machine learning, and audio and video editing to name just a few options.

+ Is Golang better than Python?

Golang is considered an alternative to the hugely popular programming language, but as a result of its faster speeds for completing certain tasks, it is often considered a better option for developers.

+ Why is Golang popular?

Recently GoLang has surged in popularity as a result of its architecture as a lightweight, open-source programming language. It is best suited to microservices architectures which are so common today.

+ Is Golang the future?

As a simple language to learn with large-scale production potential, it streamlines development processes and is thus being adopted at lightning pace. Despite being a niche now, it is predicted to break into the mainstream in roughly a decade.