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The digital revolution has already begun. Businesses across the world have sourced new ways of thinking, working, and strategising in order to survive disruption in their individual sectors. But to stave off the disruption, matching the technology of your competitors is simply not enough.

A team of dedicated software developers, on the other hand, will outmaneuver the competition.

Our senior developers have the skill set and experience to design, develop, and deploy custom software that aligns closely with your project's ambitions both now and in the future. We provide a range of services that fall under the umbrella of bespoke web design, accelerated app development, and white-label software. Whatever your ambition, whatever your industry, our software developers have the solution.

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"We only hire consultants and developers that are in-sync with the latest innovations. This ensures that your software solution is tailored to your business, and is top-quality, too. If you're looking for experts in SWIFT development and iOS app development then you've come to the right place.");



We only hire from the top tier of senior developers. This means our team can produce a high-quality software solution that is driven by your business’ exact needs, and the desires of the user.

Beyond Software

Our software developers are versed in a number of programming languages and development jobs that ensure we can select the right development solutions for your software.


We don’t just pride ourselves on creating high-quality custom software. We are constantly testing, trialling, and rethinking our software solutions to fix errors and seize opportunities.

The benefits of coding your next project with the our developers

By hiring only leading senior developers we can choose a select team for your software development. As software considers such a wide range of options, we can be sure to provide only the best developers.

Your custom software development isn’t merely based on the original strategy agreed upon with your team; our development processes mean we can constantly adjust and align your solution closer to your business.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on creating software that is tailored to your business. By providing custom functionality, you can save on features of other software that would go unused and save time on the solution.

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Hire the right team for your software development

As a fully remote company, we provide 24/7 support for our clients via dedicated development teams - but we go that much further than freelancers. By upholding transparent and constant communication, we can be sure to scale up and down the solution as needed.

With a vast range of programming languages and tools on offer, we have the edge on other software development firms in the field. By combining our business consulting expertise with our digital knowledge, our software engineers and developers can provide a truly tailored experience.

We align our approach with your technical and business needs to ensure we provide a custom solution that is specific to your evolving needs, whether we are matching the software to your customers’ needs or streamlining it for your employees.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

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Custom Software Development

Power your business’ answer to the latest technology via our custom app development. Our senior developers create web, mobile, and desktop apps that are customised to your exact requirements.

Mobile App Development

Unlock the potential of the app store via our mobile app development solutions that flesh out your strategy and meet your functionality requirements. Navigate the mobile-first world with Lolly Co's best software developers.

Application Modernisation

Our senior developers don’t just create bespoke custom software; we can modernise, streamline, and maintain your technology solution to ensure it staves off disruption in your sector and is a good fit to your business.

Web App Development

We build web applications driven by the latest technology, focusing our attention on functionality and ease-of-use via our in-depth UX/UI design expertise and web app knowledge.

Website Front-end Design

Elevate your website traffic and conversions via bespoke web design and a sleek user interface created by the web design experts, here at Lolly Co. We harness our front end development tech talent to set you apart from your competitors.

White Label Software

Leverage the power of cloud computing and our user-driven design knowledge to create custom multi-tenant software. Establish your business’ authority in your industry via licensed or subscription-basis technology.

Our developers are versed in many development tasks

As digitalisation charges on at an even more rapid pace, more development tools, programming languages, and frameworks become available to our development team. Our process of creating custom technology has therefore become much easier and produces far better results. And with our consulting team on hand, producing a custom-fit solution is a seamless operation.

It’s for this reason that we pride ourselves on creating tailored technology solutions for our clients: with a vast range of digital solutions now on offer, our software developers can be sure to select, source, and apply the correct technology as it meets your business’ requirements. Ditch the job boards, and we can provide you with a dedicated development team.

Whether your business is seeking an app tailored to your customers, or you need bespoke web design that aligns closely with your business strategy, you can find it here.

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Software development is the internet's backbone

Technology is no longer enough to set you apart from your competitors. You need a custom solution that meets the standards of your sector and moves you beyond the digital maneuvers of your competition. Harness the latest innovative technology, and harness it with our software developers.

In fact, this is why our custom software services are so vital for your business; we can detect the individual trends your business needs to tap into, and then apply a dedicated software development team that can rethink your software’s front end and bank end capabilities.

Our software developers don’t just help your business gain a competitive advantage on other businesses operating within your industry, but they can also provide future insights into how to stave off disruption.

A modern solution for a modern business

Nothing says ‘modern’ like custom technology. Perhaps it’s an app with your brand to its name, maybe it's a CRM devoted to your exact needs; either way, digitalisation is the future. But businesses across the globe - and your sector - have already made their claim to modernity.

Digital solutions will only take your business so far against disruption. Your business needs a dedicated team of software developers that can rewrite business technology from your initial digital strategy to the maintenance of your software.

Here at Lolly Co, we make sure that your business’ custom technology is looking to the future, whether our software developers are making sure it is fully functional and up-to-scratch well into the future.

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+ What does a software developer do?

Software developers have a wide range of responsibilities which include analysing user needs, and designing, developing, and deploying custom software to meet the needs of the client. They can also manage and test the software, too.

+ What are the types of software development?

There is an array of types of software development. It includes software engineering, computer programming, video game development, web development, and application development.

+ Is software development hard?

For those with no knowledge of programming, it is a very difficult - if not, impossible - task. For those with programming knowledge, it is still challenging as it requires software development expertise and experience.