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Everything is connected to the internet. But just as much as the 9-to-5 now relies on the web, the technology used during office hours needs to do the same. Internet of Things (IoT) includes all machines and products that can connect to the internet, allowing them to collect and process data and connect with other devices.

IoT technology is growing exponentially as the internet maintains its firm position in the mainstream, and is now a necessity to secure digitalisation in your business. You need to tap into this giant network of digital devices, and you can tap into it with us.

We help businesses build smart gadgets, digitalise analog products with the latest technology, and create the infrastructure for custom-built IoT solutions. Our senior developers provide bespoke solutions that extend to personal use, the industrial sector, and the healthcare sector.

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"We only hire consultants and developers that are in-sync with the latest innovations. This ensures that your software solution is tailored to your business, and is top-quality, too. If you're looking for experts in SWIFT development and iOS app development then you've come to the right place.");



We only hire experts in digital technologies and IoT development. As a remote company we can pick and choose the best technology consultants in the world to create your custom solution.

Beyond IoT Solutions

Our technology consultants and senior developers aren’t just versed in a huge number of digital solutions - they also have specific niches to ensure we can select the best technology for your business.


We don’t just produce high-quality IoT solutions that bring together your business technology. We provide constant maintenance and testing to ensure the solution is up-to-scratch.

The benefits of coding your next project for the IoT

Our IoT solutions are made custom-fit to your business, taking into account your operations, sector, and required functionality. They are also made to fit your business now and in the future no matter the workload, users, or strain on capabilities.

Our senior developers deep-dive your potential IoT technology users to identify their needs in order to create a usable and accessible user experience. We only follow the best practices with the end-user in mind.

The security of your users and your business is vital to our digital solutions. Security is a fundamental component of our IoT application development and design.

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Hire the right team for your IoT development

We can deliver our IoT solutions to VR and AR headsets, tapping into the latest technology to help create training and monitoring solutions for the utilities and industrial sectors.

We provide IoT solutions that are driven by Blockchain technology to boost data security and protect against threats to your cybersecurity.

We bring together the latest technology innovations via cloud computing such as sensors, personal devices, and cloud environments. Our developers are versed in a variety of cloud platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Hardware Design

Harness the latest technology in hardware with our smart device development. We bring together IoT boards, sensors, and enclosures to provide solution design and deployment.

Embedded Software

Our senior developers build firmware and embedded systems that integrate your smart devices into your IoT infrastructure. Capture data, store it in the cloud, and secure in-depth data analysis.

IoT Interactive Dashboards

Manage your IoT systems and solutions onsite and remotely with our custom interactive dashboard development. Visualise, monitor, and predict with our data-oriented UX solutions.

Connected Device Apps

We design native and cross-platform mobile apps that provide in-depth access and on-the-go remote control for your IoT technology. From wearables to contactless payments, we can provide control.

Internet of Things is suitable for many operational tasks

As the internet establishes itself ever more in the mainstream, Internet of Things technology develops further. Its complexity, its capabilities, and its potential grows exponentially, and can thus provide more for your business. But at the centre of its capabilities is the collection and sharing of data.

Yet beyond the tasks it can complete, it’s the number of industries it can serve and be tailored to makes it an essential solution for your business. From video streaming and content delivery networks for media and entertainment, to wearable technology and sensors for industrial manufacturing, IoT solutions are the future.

Fill the gaps in your technology, and do it with us.

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IoT development is the internet's backbone

According to some, IoT technologies had their roots back in the 1990s with the emergence of sensors. But since this ancestral technology, the internet has shaped its expansion and thus made it an ever-growing force. It relies on the interconnectivity of people via digitalisation and thus shows no signs of slowing.

As this digital solution becomes more popular and more vital to survive disruption, the need to harness it for your business and go beyond your competitors becomes fundamental. This is especially true considering the importance of data-driven insights.

IoT allows the collection, sharing, and analysis of data which is a growing trend in the business world. With insights now informing operations, marketing, and sector-based competition, more than ever knowledge is power.

A modern solution for a modern business

As we plough through the 21st century and take on challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, IoT solutions are increasingly in demand. Remote operations that rely on internet connectivity have redefined how we work. And Internet of Things technology has facilitated this shift.

This solution isn’t just expected to carry us through to a post-Coronavirus economy, but to continue our movement towards asynchronous operations. By forging unrivalled levels of connectivity, it is becoming increasingly adopted by all sectors and thus drives competition in your individual industry.

Streamline solutions and supercharge your data-driven insights with our IoT technology. Unleash the potential of data-driven insights, and do it with Lolly Co.

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+ What does an IoT developer do?

An IoT developer has a number of responsibilities include hardware design, power management, troubleshooting of issues with technology, data analysis, cloud computing, and UX design for the interactive dashboards illustrating the data and operations of the IoT.

In simple terms, they create software that allows devices to function and connect to other devices.

+ Is Python used in IoT?

Python and Go are the most popular programming languages used to develop software and applications for IoT. Python in particular is used to create straightforward data applications and adding data science and analytics functions to the edge.

+ What software is used in IoT?

There is a wide range of software tools that are used to develop IoT applications. The most popular software tools include DeviceHive, Kaa, and Arduino.

+ Is IoT hardware or software?

Internets of Things solutions consist of hardware and software. The software typically includes the IoT device software, gateway software, apps on devices such as smartphones, and cloud software. The hardware can include sensors or wearable electronics.