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React Development

In this digital age, adapting to the latest technologies doesn’t just drive innovation in your business, but also showcases your capabilities to your customers. It’s for this reason that unleashing the potential of your business via high-end UX is vital to the survival, let alone the success, of your business.

This is where React comes in. Also known as React.js, this is an open-source JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces.

Most often utilised for single-page or mobile applications, React is a vital tool for any developer’s skillset, and brings your business to an ever-growing audience via the app store. It also allows the creation of reusable UI components, ensuring we can repeatedly create incredible React apps tailored exactly to your business.

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var projects = ["Project1", "Project2", "...", "ProjectX"];


function myProjects(project, completed)


var turnaround_time = 'rapid';
var build_quality = 'top rated';
var project_cost = 'competitive';

console.log("Here at Lolly Co, we make sure that we only hire the best React developers and the brightest consultants. This means that the result we achieve for each client is set to dominate against the competition. If you're looking for experts in React and React Js development then you've come to the right place.");




With a team of React development experts on hand, we can create React apps that are customised to your business’ requirements can set you apart from the disruptive forces entering your industry.

Beyond React

We only hire the top tier of senior developers, and we make sure they are versed in a number of programming languages in order to extend the functionality of your custom solution.


We don’t just provide a solution specific to your business and it’s capabilities. We provide constant code maintenance and repair to ensure the solution evolves with your business.

The benefits of coding your next project with React

React development has earnt its reputation by breaking an application into separate React components and uses one-way flow of data - this allows the modular pieces to be highly testable and thus maintainable.

By only making updates when there are changes, React experience less lag and delays on dynamic pages. This speeds up your app and makes it responsive to the user.

React has built-in support for supply pages to search engines, boosting rankings and bringing more visitors to your website.

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Hire the right team for your React development

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on software solutions that are custom to your business’ needs. That’s why we also customise your level of engagement in your project, too.

Your business isn’t seeking to stagnate, is it? We produce custom software solutions that are tailored to your business as it operates now and aims to in the future.

Thanks to JavaScript’s simple language and our senior developers’ experience and expertise, we can produce solutions and produce them fast.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Web & Mobile App

We build high-quality web and mobile solutions that are tailored to your business by combining a number of JS frameworks via fleshing out a framework through dialogues with your business.

App Modernisation & Migration

We bring your app into the 21st century by adding new capabilities and features that extend the functionality of your app and improve the UX in alignment with your branding.

Application Porting

Our senior developers apply their wide-ranging JavaScript knowledge to streamline the migrations of applications and components to React in order to make sure your applications are robust and ready to benefit from React.

In-Depth Consulting

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on creating custom software solutions tailored to your business. That’s why we place so much importance on conducting a deep-dive into your processes prior to creating your software solution.

Maintenance & Testing

We don’t just create custom software solutions tailored to your business - we provide the constant maintenance and support via JSX to guarantee it helps your business thrive.

React is suitable for many development tasks

Web apps might seem a niche for a senior developer when compared to a wide range of projects, such as web development or software creation, but this the era of mobile-first. Apps might appear to have limited functionality, but its the need to have this functionality available for potential customers which is so vital.

And given the full potential of the technology and the UX behind your app, utilising our in-depth consulting and our far-ranging React web development skills allows us to produce innovative React applications forward in such a competitive field.

The potential functions of your app is vast - and the number of alternatives you’re competing with is even greater. From Node js to 'state', we have your solution covered.

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React development is the internet's backbone

React is the third most popular JavaScript frontend framework, and this is down to the ease of writing the code. Not only is it accessible for developers across the globe via readability, it allows developers to write HTML code in between JavaScript. This streamlines the entire process, allowing our team of developers to devote more time to building your software’s functionality.

It’s for this reason that nearly one million live websites use React to power their services.

As a result of its popularity, our senior developers are constantly re-learning the library and developing their own skills alongside other tools that can create a truly unique software solution.

A modern solution for a modern business

In this mobile-first world, having a website is no longer enough. Having an app dedicated to your business has become the new necessity, and planting it on one of the most innovative app stores is crucial to sourcing success for your application.

Not only can your business access a greater audience, by showcasing your digital capabilities via one of the most-forward thinking business solutions, you can convey a sense of relevance that is of high-value in this day and age.

More than this, it provides easy access for your customers and web visitors to utilise custom software that is powered by front-end capabilities.

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+ What is React used for?

React or React JS is an open source JavaScript library that is used by developers to build user interfaces for single-page applications. The web applications that can be built can change data without reloading the page.

+ Is React JS frontend or backend?

React is a frontend library which runs in the browser, and thus is the domain of frontend development. It is used to build user interface components and streamlines the frontend development process.

+ Why is React JS so popular?

React JS has amassed a following among frontend developers as a result of its simplicity and flexibility. It also gives developers the opportunity to work with a virtual browser instead of the real one which tends to be a far simpler process.

+ What is the future of React?

In more recent years React JS has become a popular option for frontend developers, suggesting that the future of UI components will be centred around this frontend library. However, many claim a new or another framework such as Angular 2 will soon prove more popular than the library.