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In this digital day-and-age, having a website is a necessity. And as the pace of technological innovation quickens, having an app either custom for your employees or for your users its vital to the survival, let alone the success, of your business. This is where Ruby comes in.

Ruby is a general-purpose programming language developed 25 years ago that is used to create web apps. Ruby On Rails, on the other hand, is a development tool which gives web developers a framework for the code they write.

Simply put, Ruby can build a whole host of software solutions, including web applications, command-line tools, desktop and mobile games, embedded applications, and client-side applications.

module Lolly
class Project
def initialise(team :, technology :, quality :, delivery :) @team = team
@technology = technology
@quality = quality
@delivery = delivery

def run
"At Lolly Co we work with #{@team} and squeeze the most out of #{@technology} development." \
"#{@delivery} and #{@equality} web development to keep your business moving forward."


Lolly: "skilled development", technology: "Ruby On Rails", quality:"proficient", delivery: "time efficient").run

=> "We work with Ruby on Rails developers and squeeze the most of our your Ruby on Rails development.
Time-efficient and proficient web development to keep your business moving forward via our tailored development process."


With a team of Ruby programming language experts on hand, curating a solution customised to your business’ requirements can set you apart from the disruptive forces entering your industry.

Beyond Ruby

We only hire the top tier of senior developers, and we make sure they are versed in a number of programming languages in order to extend the functionality of your custom solution.


We don’t just provide a solution specific to your business and it’s capabilities. As a Ruby on Rails development company we provide constant code maintenance and repair to ensure the solution evolves with your business.

The benefits of coding your next project with Ruby

Ruby is known for being a general-purpose programming language - it can build an array of applications or websites with an even wider range of capabilities thanks to the Ruby community.

As a result of its vast collection of open source code, creating an MVP no longer has to eat into your 9-to-5, and building applications can occur in record time.

As it has been in use for 25 years, Ruby On Rails development has earnt its reputation based on its wide-ranging popularity. You can be sure that this is a custom software solution that delivers high-quality results.

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Hire the right team for your Ruby On Rails development

Not only do we pride ourselves on providing the latest technologies for your business, we also make sure that we provide constant updates in alignment with changing tech.

We are continuously reviewing your current technology, revising and rethinking its functionality and developing the software in alignment with your business and its competitors from Ruby On Rails game development to your new app.

Not only do we implement new functionality to your custom software, we test and maintain your software to ensure it runs smoothly and to your standards.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Web Application

We bring together our senior developers’ Ruby On Rails development experience and expertise and create high quality web applications and web servers scaled to the exact needs of your business.

Web App Refactoring

We review and analyse your Ruby code, and then perform the necessary refactoring services to ensure your codebase is secure and ready for lift-off.

Maintenance & Testing

We harness our testing experience and capabilities to examine your web applications and find fixes and improvements that elevate performance, security and integration and convert your code from the old version to the new.

MVP Building

We deep-dive your business processes and product ideas, developing an MVP that allows your team to put your idea into motion - and move fast, too.

API Development

We create a multitude of different kinds of APIs that connect microservices, ensuring the integration of your custom software solution with a number of other services and apps.

Scripting & Automation

We harness the power of Ruby code to develop utilities for database management, writing CGI scripts and automating tedious tasks alongside our wider automation capabilities.

Ruby is suitable for many development tasks

Mobile app development and website development might seem a niche for a senior developer when compared to wider software creation, but this the era of mobile-first. Apps might appear to have limited functionality, but its the need to have this functionality available for potential customers which is so vital.

And given the full potential of the technology and the UX behind your app, utilising our in-depth consulting and our far-ranging development skills allows us to produce an innovative app forward in such a competitive field.

The potential functions of Ruby on Rails applications is vast - and the number of alternatives you’re competing with is even greater.

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Ruby On Rails development is the internet's backbone

It’s one of the oldest programming languages that’s still in use - and despite the apparent decline in popularity when compared to alternative methods of building websites and apps, it is still one of the most reliable options for businesses currently operating. In fact, it’s this reliability which is key to its popularity.

Finding a secure and trustworthy tool is no easy feat for developers and the software they create, but Ruby developers can provide just that. And with Ruby on Rails also entering the fore, it is considered the 8th most popular programming language on offer.

It still has a huge community behind it, extending its capabilities via new tools and resources which enable us to provide a new host of functionality to your software frequently.

A modern, lightweight programming language

In this mobile-first world, having a website is no longer enough. Having a web app dedicated to your business has become the new necessity, and planting it on one of the most innovative app stores is crucial to sourcing success for your application.

By showcasing your digital capabilities via one of the most-forward thinking business solutions with a reinvigorated UX, you can convey a sense of relevance that is of high-value in this day and age.

More than this, it provides easy access for your customers and web visitors to utilise custom software that is powered by front-end capabilities. Here at Lolly Co, we can provide a dedicated Ruby On Rails development team.

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+ What is Ruby used for?

Ruby is most often used to build web applications, however, like Python it is a general-purpose programming language as can be used for applications like data analysis, prototyping, and the proof of concepts.

+ What is better - Python or Ruby?

Python is considered the superior general purpose programming language as a result of its popularity amongst developers. This is because it is considered faster and can build more complex components, such as APIs and web spiders.

+ Is Ruby worth learning?

Ruby peaked for developers around 2018 whilst alternatives like Python continued to rise in popularity. Ruby on Rails, however, is growing in popularity. For the niche Ruby specifies in - web development and backend APIs - it is a useful language.

+ Is Ruby used for frontend or backend development?

Ruby is one of the backend general purpose programming languages. Despite being known as a very versatile language, it is used as a server-side language, confirming that it is used only by backend developers.