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Digitalisation has successfully rethought our everyday life. From how we communicate outside of the workplace to how we manage our responsibilities within the 9-to-5, technology has traded in old ways of working for the new. This has resulted in increasing levels of disruption as your competitors seek to challenge your position within your sector via the latest tech.

To stave off the disruption, your business needs to move one step ahead. And that’s where we come in.

With a team of senior developers on hand in the heart of central London, we can design, develop, and deploy bespoke custom software that matches your business’ ambitions and goes beyond them. We only provide web design, app development, and white-label software development that considers the future of your sector and your business requirements to ensure your business will survive further digitalisation. In fact, we prioritise development so your business can lead the process.

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"We only hire consultants and developers that are in-sync with the latest innovations. This ensures that your software solution is tailored to your business, and is top-quality, too. If you're looking for experts in SWIFT development and iOS app development then you've come to the right place.");



Here at Lolly Co, we only hire from the top tier of senior developers to ensure your projects are perfected by custom software solutions. This means our software development company can match your exact needs via technology expertise.

Beyond Software

Our software developers are experienced in a vast array of programming languages and development solutions that allow our team to pick and choose the right technology for your business.


Your business is ever-evolving - that means your software needs to do the same. That’s why our developers constantly rethink, test, and trial your software to ensure it stays up-to-scratch and moves with the times.

The benefits of coding your next project with the our developers

Certain software solutions, whether they automate business processes or streamline operations, make for a more efficient 9-to-5 and can thus elevate your entire team’s efficiency.

Our senior developers utilise a modular development process which allows your team to inspect, review, and give feedback on each stage of the software development.

The sector you operate in will already be teeming with software solutions - it’s your job to install bespoke software which sets you apart from your competitors and pushes your business beyond them.

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Hire the right team for your software development

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on creating custom software solutions; by tailoring your software to your exact needs, you don’t have to pay for functions you won’t use as with non-custom software.

Your business is unique - our software is, too. By creating custom software we can address your specific business requirements and inform our solutions via your changing needs.

We don’t just provide custom software. We are also experts in automation, and can automate core business processes via certain capabilities of your software.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

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Custom Software Development

Harness the potential of web, mobile, and desktop applications via our app development expertise. We utilise the latest app development tools to tailor to your solution to your business’ software needs.

Mobile App Development

Make your move in the mobile-first world via our mobile app development solutions that work alongside your custom business strategy to flesh out full functionality and capitalise on a sleek UX design for your mobile app.

Application Modernisation

We don’t just create custom apps for businesses in a vast range of sectors. Our development team also rethink, tailor, and maintain your technology to ensure it fits modern standards.

Web App Development

We build and power web apps that are driven by the potential users of the application and the latest technology. We only provide streamlined solutions that harness our full web app expertise and in-depth UX design.

Website Front-end Design

Reframe the online shop-front of your business via our bespoke web design. Our senior front end developers overhaul your UX UI design as directed by SEO, whilst sticking closely to your branding and strategy.

White Label Software

Harness the capabilities of cloud computing and our user-driven software design expertise to create custom multi-tenant software. Establish authority in your sector via tailored subscription-based technology.

Our developers are versed in many development tasks

The digital revolution has taken over the business world - and it shows no sign of slowing. As a result of the growing influence of technology through more development tools and programming languages, our senior development team now have access to an even wider range of technologies. This means our software development process is constantly improving, fast-tracking a higher-quality solution for your business.

And as we now have a range of programming languages, frameworks, and digital technologies on our hands, our software developers can select the right technologies for your solution. Custom software development has never been easier.

No matter the ambition set out for your software - whether it seeks to streamline your business processes or score higher conversions with your customers - we can create it.

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Software development is the internet's backbone

Sourcing a digital solution for a business process is no longer enough to put your business ahead of the competition in your sector. Thanks to the popularity of custom business software, you need a solution that is custom to both the expectations of your sector, and the ambitions of your business. Out-maneuver your competition via the latest in innovative technology, and do it with our senior developers.

In recent years, digital solutions have become a necessity for businesses in all industries, and only proves its growing popularity as digitalisation ripples through the economy.

That’s why our custom software proves so vital to your business survival, let alone its success. It allows us to detect the individual trends within your business and source the necessary tech to complement it.

A modern solution for a modern business

Digitalisation is no one-time-fix. Custom software will not guarantee that your business survives disruption, nor will it cement your business as a technology-driven organisation. Making sure your business is - and stays - modern means your technology needs to constantly be updating.

Your sector will not stagnate. Disruption will evolve, and your business needs to adapt to it. That’s why our services do not cease when you launch your software; our senior software developers review and rewrite your solution to ensure your changing strategy is met by the maintenance of your software.

Your team shouldn’t stop looking towards the future. Why wouldn’t your software do the same?

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+ What is a software development firm?

It is a company which provides services for software development, such as front end development for web design, and back end development for applications. This services encompass software technology, distribution, and product development.

+ What does a software developer do?

A software developer has a range of responsibilities that include the analysis of a user’s or a client’s needs, the design of the software, the developing and testing of the software, and then its maintenance.

+ What are the types of software development?

The types of software development include software engineering, computer programming, video game development, web development, and application development.