We integrate legacy systems to create effortless data flow between old software & new technology

If you can’t get your technology souped-up and in-step with the competition, you might as well fold. We can give you a new hand of cards.

This is your wake-up call: if you’re resting on legacy systems, you’re making a huge mistake. We know it’s cheap to run. We know your entire team knows how to use it. We know it’s expensive and disruptive to upgrade it. But we also know that you are suffocating your business’ ability to innovate and grow. Here’s the good news. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get your growth on the road. We can turn your old school software and the repetitive, mundane manual processes that fuel it into future-proofed systems that adapt to disruption.

We deep-dive your current legacy systems and your business to formulate a solution that doesn’t interrupt operations

We use robotic process automation to cut out mundane, manual processes eating away at your revenue

We utilise our latest systems integrator knowledge to seamlessly alter the databases of your legacy systems

Here’s how system integrations works

We combine the individual sub-components of your IT system into a slick, well-oiled machine one line of code at a time. You keep your business looking forward, and we can make sure your legacy system does the same.

Our technology consultants kickstart the process. They need to understand what your company is, what the software does and how it all works. Easy. Then, they go deeper. We need to find out how old school your system actually is: Can you access its databases? Does it have an API? Once we’ve got the answers to our questions, we sketch out our game-plan. We need to find a way take information out of your system and put new information back in. And we have two options.

We can dive directly into your system’s in-house databases and insert, update and delete your data. If you don’t have access to the database but you do have an API, we use the API to make the changes.

If your legacy system doesn’t allow access to databases (and doesn’t have an API), we pull out RPA from our automation toolkit. We make robots emulate humans using a computer - think moving a mouse or typing - and program them to run procedures that update the database. We aren’t changing the database with code; we’re using the code to build bots that change the database.

  We carry out system integration in iterations to leave you with adaptable technology

Limit the chances of project failure with an agile development team. Our systems integrators deploy software little and often to make appropriate changes as disruption evolves. This means your legacy systems can stay up-to-date - and then ditch the label entirely.

  We have a fool-proof set of approaches that can handle any legacy software

Take on even the most impenetrable of obstacles with our technology experts. No matter how old the legacy system, no matter how inaccessible the databases are, we’ll find a way. With our arsenal of automation knowledge on hand, it’s all in a day’s work for us.

  We monitor and manage your legacy system to ensure it stays up-to-speed

Make your systems future-proof and keep it that way with our expert software and database management. We monitor the automated robots deployed to work with your database and fix errors as they arise. You don’t have to lift a finger.

System integrations generate long-term cost savings

Replacing your legacy system with a single larger system is a costly, time-consuming process. But it’s not the only option, anymore. Our integration method opens up your opportunities for growth and innovation - without slowing you down.

  Speed up your core business processes with more efficient software

Cut out your slow, lagging legacy systems and use automation to accelerate your operations. With just a few lines of code, we can facilitate information flow and streamline your entire IT system. Quick tech makes for even quicker processes.

  Future-proof your digital-first strategy with a strong IT foundation

Reinforce your basic IT systems and technology and always match your competitors’ digital capabilities. The latest technologies require lightning-fast data - and a lot of it. With a firm foundation in place, you can introduce new digital solutions seamlessly.

  Slash your costs by replacing your repetitive manual processes with automation

Boost your profitability by redirecting your employees away from IT intervention and towards the customer support desk. They do more tasks that generate value and you save on operational costs. Let APIs and automation take the wheel - all you have to do is navigate your growth.

Gaining clearer vision, reducing costs and getting higher profits

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Fancy getting your hands on everything to do with upgrading your legacy software? Fair enough.

We’ve scraped together our technology consultants’ and developers’ know-how on system integrations - then we’ve dotted the i’s, crossed the t’s and explained all the technical terms. You can find out why your legacy software is suffocating your growth and how we can solve this problem with our integration methods.

We’ve totted up the figures: system integrations upgrade your business

Creating an IT system unhindered by ancient technology and historic protocols is the obvious intention of revamping your legacy system. But it generates a new competitive advantage, too.


Proportion of projects that fail due to poor change management


Average annual savings of our clients using system integrations


Proportion of an average IT system made up of legacy software

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you’ve got a question, query or concern, we’ve probably already answered it here. We’re just that good.

Robotic process automation is the use of software bots to emulate human activities on digital technologies and software, like clicking a mouse, entering data into a field and clicking ‘save file’.

Also known as a legacy system, this is an IT system which has been used for long time in a business and has rarely or never been updated. It still fulfills a purpose within the business - often an essential one, hence why it rarely is changed.

There are many reasons to update or get rid of your legacy software. Often it can become slow over time, not match the skillset of your team (and therefore slow them down) and will struggle to match the digital capabilities of your competitors.

Software that is used long-term in a business is not the issue. If it does the job and can evolve to meet new technology requirements, there’s no reason to ditch it. Software that can’t keep up, however, is a problem often highlighted by business process management.


The goal of system integrations is to ensure the different system components function effectively, efficiently and meet the design properties of the system.

There are several challenges involved with integration. This includes a lack of skills, resources and planning. Our team of experts work as an agile team that surpass these problems from the get-go.

The problem is knowing how to bring both legacy system data and new data together. We’ve got that figured out, whether we’re using APIs, RPA or just diving head-first into your databases to bring the system components together.
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