We’ve got the solution to fix your broken business processes

By combining in-depth process consulting and top-notch automation technology, we’ve discovered a new way of working. All you have to do? Plot your next opportunity for growth.

Here’s the situation. Repetitive, tedious and complicated processes are killing your company. They’re holding back your team’s productivity and letting slow manual labour drive up your costs. That’s your plans for growth down the plughole. But this isn’t actually the main problem: when you rely on manual processes, you rely on the employee that can do them. You can’t step out of the office or else the whole thing grinds to a halt.

Your business shouldn’t rely on you, nor a handful of employees to chug along; it should be a well-oiled machine powered by slick systems and powerful processes. The kind that don’t require any employee intervention (bar pushing a button).

Let us find out what’s wrong with your processes, redesign them to maximise efficiency and then build the software that does the job for you.

We uncover opportunities for optimisation in business process workshops

We create automation software that instantly upgrades your processes

We don’t work with you unless we know we can improve your bottom line

Enhancing Business Intelligence through automation and Process Workshops

We literally  wrote the book on business process automation

We're pretty good at process optimisation and automation. So good, in fact, we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on your lagging processes (and how to fix them) with UPGRADE.

After years of working with some of the fastest-growing firms operating in key sectors, we're sharing everything we've learned along the way. We’re even letting you in on how we’ve used the latest technologies to supercharge our clients’ growth strategies.

Yep - you get all of the intel on upgrading your business without actually having to talk to us.

Ready to transform your company into a future-proof, forward-thinking enterprise?

I thought so.

Release date: October 2021
Upgrade The Book by Daniel Cooper
We’re here to improve your business processes

Introducing your secret weapon to leap-frogging the competition (and staying in front).

We’re not just a team of expert process consultants and highly-qualified software developers. We’re an in-house unit dedicated to revamping your core business processes and refuelling your growth.

We’ve linked our process workshops (where we fix your problems) and our process automation services (where we make computers do the work) so you don’t have to worry about hodge-podging a solution together yourself. You’ve got the people for the job right here.

Still not sure what we do? We let computers do the boring stuff and employees do the creative, customer-facing things that work best with human thinking. You know, the stuff that actually puts value back into a business.

Harley Street Skin Clinic
Traffic Think Tank
Harley Street Skin Clinic
Traffic Think Tank

We’ve already helped these businesses scale faster

We don’t mean to brag, but so far our clients have (on average) improved their bottom line by 56% and achieved hyper YoY growth of 64%. Here’s what they had to say about that.

Lesley Reynolds, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

Lesley Reynolds 

The Harley Street Skin Clinic

Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our process optimisation and automation; instead of labouring over admin, we can now focus on building deeper relationships with patients. They've put the human element back in our business.

Mitch Hahn 


Lolly Co do a fantastic job, and are a pleasure to work with. They are clearly extremely competent at what they do, and have produced a system that is very clean, modern and successfully automates many of our day to day tasks. As experts in their field we wouldn't use anyone else.

Mitch Hahn, Nordens
Ian Howells, traffic Think Tank

Ian Howells 

Traffic Think Tank

I worked with the team on a custom rank tracker using an API, Big Query, and Google Data Studio. The group exceeded my expectations on timing and cost for the build. I got regular updates every step of the way, and there was never any uncertainty about what was happening. Already going back for phase two to add more features.

We’ve done the math: automation accelerates businesses

Higher efficiency and lower costs are big promises to make. But with the power of the latest automation technologies on our side, we’ve never failed to keep them.


Bottom line savings (on average) for our clients via automation


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Average time staff spend on automatable tasks per year

Optimising processes and improving business strategies with Lolly Co
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Our automation engineers and software developers build pretty awesome stuff. And that’s because we work with the best platforms and frameworks available.

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