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Our team excels at bringing your ecommerce business and your unique visions to life, creating bespoke Magento ecommerce stores and customer journeys that stand out among online retailers. With a blend of creative design and technical expertise, we build not just websites but high-performing digital storefronts designed to captivate and engage customers. We focus on fast performance and great design, ensuring a seamless shopping experience that aligns with your brand's ethos, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat visits.

We understand the crucial role of conversions in ecommerce success. Our bespoke stores for online businesses are aesthetically pleasing and optimized for engagement and profitability, using analytics to drive high-converting strategies. Every ecommerce store and website we develop is custom-tailored, from functionality to design, ensuring it meets the unique needs of your business and exceeds customers' expectations, laying the groundwork for your online success.

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Magento Development

We're a seasoned team passionate about fusing imaginative design with top-tier technical prowess. Specializing in both Magento store and web development, we offer a spectrum of services tailored to elevate your online presence. From crafting bespoke Magento stores and themes to fortifying existing platforms with our comprehensive support plans, we cater to businesses of all sizes. Our portfolio is a testament to our versatility, featuring collaborations with world-famous brands, retailers, and ambitious startups, all thriving on the Magento platform's robust capabilities. If you're a retailer eager to scale and enhance your returns, let's connect.

Our certified Magento development agency success stems from a steadfast commitment to creativity, state-of-the-art technology, Magento solution partners, and a focus on driving growth. Looking to switch to Magento or enhance your current ecommerce strategy? Reach out to explore how we can help you with a custom Magento build or provide the support you need.

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Selecting us as your leading Magento Agency, propels your brand towards sustainable growth and distinction in the digital marketplace. Our approach to digital strategy is tailored to nurture your brand and website's long-term expansion, ensuring that every strategy implemented is aligned with your future vision and your customers' desired expectations. Our commitment to exceptional site design transcends aesthetics, focusing on creating engaging, intuitive user experiences that elevate your brand's online presence and customers' AOV.

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Cutting-Edge Tech Sword Skills 🗡️

Our team excels in Magento's key programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS), enabling us to create tailored bespoke solutions for your specific needs. We prioritize quick, responsive support to ensure smooth ecommerce operations. We also guarantee 99.99% uptime for your website's reliability, keeping your business operational around the clock. With our complete Magento support and ecommerce development services, we're committed to your digital transformation and long-term brand growth as your trusted professional solution partner.

Design Good Enough for Gandalf 🧙‍♂️

Our Magento websites exemplify our dedication to superior design and digital marketing, mirroring your brand's identity and values. We pay close attention to every detail, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout and interface. Our sites are modern, responsive, and offer a seamless experience on all devices. Leveraging the Magento platform robust features, we create visually stunning and high-performing websites that engage users, boost conversions, and result in more online sales. We see each website project as a chance to enhance a brand's digital presence, delivering memorable and effective online experiences to customers.

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Failure Free Ecommerce Crusades 🐴

Our new website launch strategy involves a five-stage process for a seamless transition to a live site. It starts with developing intuitive UI/UX designs, then moves to rigorous quality assurance testing for a bug-free site. In the staging phase, we simulate the live website environment for final tweaks. By the production stage, the site is ready for launch, supported by Cloudflare and Google Cloud Platform for high reliability. This approach ensures a smooth, efficient launch with minimal disruption to customers, setting your store up for immediate success.

Sorcery Tier SEO 🔮

Our search engine optimisation strategy for Magento sites boosts visibility and rankings through detailed keyword research, targeting key phrases to align with both your audience and search engines. We enhance your site with technical SEO, optimizing meta tags, headings, images, and URLs for better indexing. Our focus also includes structuring your site for improved navigation and search engine discovery, with a logical layout and smart redirects to avoid errors. This plan is designed for both immediate and long-term SEO success, increasing organic traffic and user engagement.

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Conversion rate optimisation

Complete Your Quest

Our Magento Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy consulting service is designed to elevate your online store's performance for improved performance. By leveraging detailed analytics, A/B testing, and user experience enhancements, we tailor strategies that significantly boost conversion rates, improve customer engagement, and drive sales, ensuring your Magento site and mobile experience that attracts visitors and converts customers.

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Support & maintenance

Mercenary Troops Ready

Our Magento support and maintenance service ensures your e-commerce platform runs smoothly and efficiently, offering peace of mind through continuous monitoring, timely updates, and quick issue resolution. With ongoing support from our expert Magento maintenance team on your side, you can focus on growing your ecommerce business, knowing your Magento site is in the capable hands of Magento experts.

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Magento Website Benefits

Open-Source Advantages: With the Magento community supported open-source nature, you can freely adjust and expand its source code, ensuring your online store meets your exact requirements through personalized and tailor-made solutions.

Boundless Customization Possibilities: Leverage Magento's extensive customization tools, from themes and extensions to modules and APIs, to craft a distinctive and richly featured e-commerce site that perfectly captures your brand essence.

Vibrant Magento Marketplace: Explore a specialized marketplace filled with extensions, themes, and services from third-party creators, offering extra functionalities and tools to enrich your Magento 2 setup.

Sophisticated Features for Enterprises: Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce are both equipped with high-end features designed for large businesses, including sophisticated marketing tools, customer segmentation, content staging, and more, to support complex e-commerce website ecosystems.

Dedicated B2B Tools: Magento 2 shines in B2B commerce, offering custom pricing, quote management, and detailed account management features, ideal for wholesale and distribution sectors.

Scalable Performance: Engineered for handling vast traffic and product assortments, Magento 2 includes optimization features like full-page caching and advanced indexing, ensuring your platform scales with your business.

Collaborative Community Support: Benefit from the Magento 2 dynamic community of certified Magento developers, partners, and ecommerce enthusiasts, a source of innovation, knowledge sharing, and support that enhances the platform's growth and usability.

Expansive Global and Multichannel Reach: With capabilities for managing multiple stores and integration with various sales channels, Magento commerce empowers businesses to offer a unified shopping experience across digital and physical landscapes.

Mobile Optimization Priority: Magento's commitment to a mobile-first strategy, featuring responsive design and mobile optimization, ensures your e-commerce site is easily navigable on smartphones and tablets, aligning with the surge in mobile shopping.

Robust Security Measures: Magento 2 prioritizes security with integrated protections, regular updates, and adherence to PCI DSS standards, safeguarding transactions and customer information against potential website threats.

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Common Magento Platform Questions We're Asked Daily

Our own Magento web project planning and management strategy is comprehensive and cooperative, aiming for smooth execution and meeting client expectations. Initially, we hold workshops with clients to define the project's scope, understanding their business needs, goals, and desired website functionalities. We then create visual non-functional prototypes for early feedback, aligning with client visions. Alongside, we prepare detailed technical documentation outlining the project's architecture, design, and functionalities, guiding our team and serving as a project reference. Our detailed scoping aims to prevent oversights and identify challenges early, with solutions proactively devised. Estimations undergo peer review to ensure accuracy and reliability, minimizing surprises - even when migrating from a different platform. This method allows us to deliver superior Magento services and projects on time and within budget, fulfilling and surpassing expectations of even the most ambitious businesses.

Yes, the magento ecommerce platform offers seamless integration with various systems like CRM and ERP, enhancing e-commerce operations with streamlined workflows, better data accuracy, and improved customer experiences. Thanks to the Magento 2 current platform APIs, marketplace extensions, and custom development enable direct connections with CRM and ERP systems for automatic data synchronization, reducing manual errors. Integrating Magento 2 with CRM systems enhances customer understanding and engagement, while ERP connections optimize inventory, and order management, processing, and fulfillment, aligning e-commerce with physical operations. As your solution partner we offer bespoke integration and custom solutions too, making Magento 2 a flexible and scalable choice.

Ensuring ecommerce platform security and PCI compliance requires a comprehensive strategy. We begin with the latest Magento security patches and updates to close vulnerabilities. Additional measures include secure passwords, two-factor authentication for admin areas, and HTTPS for encrypted connections. For PCI compliance, vital for credit card security, we follow PCI DSS guidelines, conduct security audits, secure our network, implement strict access controls, and monitor network security. We also use encrypted payment gateways for secure transactions. Combining the Magento 2 security features with best practices and ongoing vigilance, we protect your business and customer data while meeting PCI standards.

Throughout the whole Magento solution development process, communication and collaboration are key. We establish clear channels of communication with our clients, ensuring timely updates and feedback. Regular meetings, project management tools, and shared documentation keep everyone informed and aligned. Our Magento partner team works closely with clients to understand their needs, make adjustments, and deliver successful Magento agency solutions."

Certainly! We've developed Magento ecommerce solutions for a variety of industries and businesses, demonstrating our versatility. Although specific examples aren't listed here, we offer detailed case studies that illustrate our approach, the challenges we've overcome, and the positive outcomes for our clients. We're also open to arranging introductions with past and current clients for you to get real feedback on our work quality and the lasting impact of our Magento ecommerce agency here. Our portfolio includes work with major brands, reflecting our trusted status in the Magento solution partner community and our dedication to e-commerce excellence and innovation.

Our Magento development pricing is customized for each project, ensuring clarity and fairness by reflecting the project's specific needs, customization level, and features. We detail our pricing by each feature and hour, allowing us to bill based on the actual time and materials used. This method gives you a clear view of your investment and ensures you pay only for what's needed, with the flexibility to adapt as the project progresses. We aim to provide an accurate budget estimate within 15% of the final cost, offering a reliable financial forecast for better planning. Our approach promotes billing transparency and trust.

Absolutely. We ensure our clients are well-prepared to manage their Magento website after launch by providing tailored documentation and walkthroughs, covering all aspects of the site for easy updates, content management, and troubleshooting. Additionally, we offer hands-on training to equip both you and your team with the necessary skills for website management, including using the Magento 2 backend, new features, business processes, and maintenance best practices. For continuous assistance, our 24/7 support services are available, offering expert help whenever needed, ensuring you can concentrate on your business with the technical aspects handled by our certified development team, and customer experience team.

Our support for clients extends beyond the launch of their Magento ecommerce site. Initially, we provide a two-week snagging period post-launch to fix any emerging issues at no extra cost, ensuring a smooth transition. For long-term assistance, we offer various support packages, granting access to our expertise around the clock. Our team uses advanced monitoring tools to proactively maintain your website's performance, aiming to prevent potential problems before they affect users. This comprehensive post-launch support strategy guarantees your Magento ecommerce site remains operational and successful, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on your business while our development team and solution specialists handle the technical aspects.

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Bron Shepherd

Co-Founder, Kid Cashew

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Utterly fantastic from start to finish. Now working on another project together with the team.

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Hasnain King

Founder, Gyro App

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I had a great experience working with Lolly. They were responsive, communicative, and delivered a high-quality product.

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Caleb Shah

Director, Shah Bros.

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From start to finish, working with Lolly was a pleasure. Their team were dedicated and creative, I'm very impressed.